Badger 5 Waste Disposer Reviews


Badger 5 waste disposer’ is a product from a renowned brand in the appliance field Insinkerator. This post gives details about the product.

Prologue of Badger 5 Waste Disposer:

The essential parts as well as the product’s gist is here-

  • Badger is equipped with a powerful heavy duty motor with ½ horsepower; moreover, this is very much preferred because of the quality of Quiet Dura-Drive® in the induction or single phase motor.
  • The disposer is made up of jagged and galvanized steel construction thereby ensuring the protection and resilience of it.
  • It has a compact design and hence saves space.
  • One of the major issues- drainage is effectively taken care by providing a connection of 1-1/2 inches of cushioned slip joint to the drain. Moreover, this is also connected to the dishwasher. The liquefied waste easily moves into the septic tank or the drainage system.
  • Finally, preparing food becomes more pleasurable with less clutter and smell to be handled around the area.

Where to Buy?

This waste disposer can be directly purchased from the manufacturers from their website: Click Here to Purchase

Badger 5 waste disposer is a real resource to your kitchen with its policy of less garbage bags; it is also cost-effective.


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